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About Us

Years of medical recruiting experience have shaped the philosophy and vision of Atlas Medical Staffing. In its most basic of terms, “we seek to balance the benefits between the medical professional and the hospitals, clinics healthcare & the healthcare facilities that need them.” We appreciate that time is your most precious asset, and we believe you would prefer to focus on your day to day duties of your career instead of reviewing countless stale job boards, openly posting personal information, or deal with pushy, inexperienced recruiters that do not have your best interests in mind.

Travel Nurses, Allied Professionals and Non-Clinical job seekers will find the support and opportunity that will move your career in a successful direction. So, whatever your ambitions are, wherever you want to go Atlas Medical Staffing is where you will discover the pathway to a happy assignment.

Just A Few Benefits of our Nurse Marketing ™ service

Confidentiality / Zero Risk – Candidate information can never be “browsed” by the casual visitor to our website. The professional Nurse Marketing ™ services are absolutely free to take advantage of.

Best Opportunity Promise – Your time is valuable; you will only be contacted by a seasoned professional representing a near perfect opportunity for which you have indicated you are Ready Willing & Able to pursue.

One Call at a time – You no longer have to dread dealing with multiple calls from every other recruiter or telemarketer who wants to “help you.” Only speaking with the most qualified Firm that has the best possible fit means that you will have time to focus on what really matters. We believe your time is too valuable to waste by receiving offers to jobs that you have no interest in.

Efficiency – No longer do you have to search job boards for positions that you are willing to settle for, you will find that when you are put in touch with the proper placement agent the whole process as you know it becomes much simpler and results in you finding exactly what you are seeking.

If you are job seeker, give Atlas Medical Staffing the opportunity to be of service, you will discover the support and service you know you deserve.

For questions, or if you would like to learn more about our mission email us at  Jobs@atlasmedicalstaffing.com

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